Habitation Area Fan

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Bit of an odd job for winter but while the van is parked up it is worth getting odd little jobs done. On one of our outings in Summer it was really warm in the habitation area of the van. Opening the windows helped but there wasn’t much wind. We could really have done with a fan. On our return home I bought one of these – It worked and has two speeds but both speeds were very fast and … Read More

Quick little job – Added a Mural

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Added a material mural to the back wall of the van. Might have been better if it had been the full width of the van but I think it has worked out okay. The next size up would have needed a lot trimming off the sides which would have spoiled the photo.

Quick Trip to Glasgow and Charging Update

Very quick trip down to Glasgow over the weekend with our Son and daughter in law. Overnighted in a car park Dalrigh. No photos I’m afraid as it was raining a monsoon, wipers on full tilt, all the way down and then for much of the night. It looks a nice spot though and one that we might use again in the Summer. Slightly better for the morning journey to the airport to drop Jen off (flying to the Phillipines … Read More

New Vehicle Battery and B2B Charger

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Following on from our September trip I have fitted a new vehicle battery and a Victron B2B charger. The old vehicle battery was definitely dead as it just wasn’t holding charge. I charged it up using the electric hook up at home and within hours of being taken of charge the voltage was dropping much lower than I would like. It wasn’t going completely flat but that was only because it was being propped up by the solar panels (even … Read More

A Couple of Little Jobs on BFG

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First little job was a bit of papering in the kitchen, just to tart it up a bit rather than plain walls everywhere (header photo). Next job was thrown up from our first trip away in colder weather necessitating using the blown air heating a bit more than we have previously, couple with having groceries under my bed. I insulated under Marlene’s bed for storing chilled groceries but didn’t do anything under mine where we tend to put other none … Read More

September Trip Summary

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Orkney First off, I forgot to reset the odometer on the van so don’t have total miles, fuel consumption or average speed, Oops! As I have mentioned in the posts posted during the journey, we left home a bit earlier that intended due to forecasted bad weather. Because of this we spent a few days on Orkney Mainland. Home Parked up for first night in Kirkwall Dounby to visit Rosie and Sergio Skaill bay – became very busy so moved … Read More

Culbin to Scrabster

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Nothing really exciting today beyond our early start with Oscar. As we ended up getting up so early we decided to revisit our ferry bookings again, and go for the 19:00 Scrabster – Stromness and the tomorrow morning ferry to Westray. This allowed us to visit an Asian cash and carry and pick up some tubs of kebab meat as no-where in Orkney seems to stock it. Having decided to give my big “cold box” (oh, I’ve just realised I … Read More

Baile An Or to Culbin

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My but it was a cold night last night at Baile An Or. There was a light frost on the ground this morning when we looked out. Fortunately I had planned for these situations 😉. The controls for the blown air heating are just above my head when I’m in bed. So this morning having stuck my foot out from under the duvet and decide it was “blumming cold”, I just reach up, pressed the button and settled back. Finished … Read More

September Trip continued: Castletown to Baile An Or

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After disembarking the ferry at Stromness we headed East to Castletown and spent the night at the old Castletown flagstone quarry/works. There’s a nice big car park there and some nice walks round the remains of the workings. We had a lazy breakfast here, then a last walk for Oscar before heading off. We turned back on ourselves, through Thurso, past Dounray and on to Melvich where we took the road South towards Helmsdale. My plan was to stop at … Read More

September, we’re off again!

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Because of lockdown we weren’t able to get Oscar to the vets at the proper time for his booster jab. These have to be done within a certain time of their renewal date so we have had to come away again now so that we can get Oscars booster jab done. How’s that for a good excuse? As if we need one…. We had originally booked the ferry for Monday evening the 21st (vet appointment for Tuesday morning) then on … Read More

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