1st Outing since Repairs – MOT

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The MOT on Forrest expired during the engine repairs so this needed attending to before anything else once he was back on the road again.

At this time of the year, the ferries between Westray and Mainland need booking pretty well in advance and the date we booked Forrest in for his MOT we were normal booking out from Westray to Kirkwall but would have been 4th standby for the return journey to Westray. In a motorhome, there would be no chance of getting on under those circumstances. But, we’re in a motorhome so no problem, just book the following morning ferry. The morning ferries from Kirkwall to Westray are always quieter, so that’s what we did.

Overnight stay in Kirkwall, kebab for dinner, all good!

It was blumming cold overnight in Orkney this weekend, the diesel heater did a cracking job though keeping the van nice and warm. We turn it off during the night but it is fine tucked up in bed. The controller is within reach of the bed, so the normal morning routine is, reach up and turn the heater on, tune into Classic FM online and listen to that whilst having a lazy half an hour by which time the van is nice and warm.

Grand, if short little trip out.

Oh, and Forrest passed his MOT with no advisories 😀

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