A Couple of Little Jobs on BFG

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First little job was a bit of papering in the kitchen, just to tart it up a bit rather than plain walls everywhere (header photo).

Next job was thrown up from our first trip away in colder weather necessitating using the blown air heating a bit more than we have previously, couple with having groceries under my bed. I insulated under Marlene’s bed for storing chilled groceries but didn’t do anything under mine where we tend to put other none temperature sensitive items (we’re talking shopping here to take home rather then travel provisions).

The thing with my bed is that the blown air heating duct runs under it.

We found when we open my bed to put the bedding away in the morning, having had the heating on for about an hour, that it was very warm under there!

So I have insulated the pipework now –

It’s not beautiful but it should do the job.

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