August 2020 Trip Summary

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We’re back home now after our little jaunt around the Highlands of Scotland.

It was a thoroughly pleasant break. There had been quite a few reports in the press about hostility towards visitors so we were a bit wary but in the event there were no problems at all. Everyone we saw was very friendly and welcoming. I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that the press like to centre on anything negative and blow it out of proportion!

The only bad bit, and to be expected at this time of year in the Highlands, was being eaten alive by the bloody midges!

Here are a last few pics from Baile an Or (here and header) this was a lovely spot and I’m sure we’ll visit again.

Marlene doing a bit of knitting…

So here is a little summary of our journey –

Total Distane Travelled: 607 Mile
Average Speed: 27 MPH
Average Fuel Consumption: 31.9 MPG
Total Driving Time: 21 hours 49 minutes

The solar panel and battery bank performed well powering the standard domestic compressor fridge 24/7 plus the toaster and microwave as required.

The total production from the solar panel over the trip was 3.2kWh

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  1. Maggie
    | Reply

    Almost 22 hours to drive 607 miles! Ye Gods Pip, I didn’t know it was allowed to drive at 27 miles an hour. I’ll bet the other travellers just loved tail-gating you. X

    • Phill
      | Reply

      No point rushing!!!

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