Baile An Or to Culbin

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My but it was a cold night last night at Baile An Or. There was a light frost on the ground this morning when we looked out.

Fortunately I had planned for these situations 😉. The controls for the blown air heating are just above my head when I’m in bed. So this morning having stuck my foot out from under the duvet and decide it was “blumming cold”, I just reach up, pressed the button and settled back.

Finished the job off by tuning into Classic FM on my iPhone and dosed on listening to that for another hour or so…

Happy days 😀

Once we’d walked Oscar and had breakfast (buttered crumpets, yum yum) we headed off towards the ASDA at Tain where we stocked on supplies for the next few days.

Next stop was Tesco Extra in Inverness where Marlene wanted to look for knickers! Well, she found some so; result!

I had in mind that we would stop in the car park at Duffus Castle, and it would have been okay but the farmer was working the field next to car park. I font know what machine he was pulling round behind his tractor but it was mighty noisy and had Oscar in a mad panic.

I tried to take home for a walk but he was having none of it.

So I had to think of somewhere else to stay.

The main car park at Culbin Forest was only about 30 minutes away and we’ve stayed there before, so we headed off for that. Unfortunately when we got there, there were several signs saying that this car park was not part of the overnight parking scheme and therefore overnight parking was prohibited. Bummer!

The National Forest are trialing a scheme of allowing overnight parking in their car parks for a nominal fee. I really don’t want know why not all of them, but there it is. Missed opportunity I think. I’d certainly have been happy to pay for the night. They even have pay and display machine there so the “tools” are on hand.

So we were off again. This time to amother rather more isolated little car park right on the edge of Culbin Forrest. Looking round it is a bit tired and I rather suspect somewhat abandoned. Perfect for us.

Steak and salad for dinner then a bit more Jack Reacher before bed.

Ha! Very poor mobile signal at Culbin. Nowt on our phones and very slow WiFi on the vans router (external aerial). So, I’ll have to post this in the morning.

Well It was a peaceful night at Culbin, till around 05:00 when Oscar started pacing up and down and retching. It’s amazing how quick one can get out of bed and get dressed when properly motivated!

I took Oscar for a walk round the car park. He did the go far but ate a lot of grass, had a couple of pees then wandered back to the van.

I didn’t get undressed in case of another mad dash. I just laid on my bed and we listened to Classic FM.

It wasn’t as cold as at Baile An Or (small blessings).

Oscar settled till around 06:30, then got back up pacing around again. Out for another walk. Longer walk this time with lots of pees, no grass eating.

He’s. Clearly not a happy bunny. He just jumped on my bed and went to sleep when got back in the van.

We didn’t have the heart to move him so we both sat on Marlene’s bed drinking tea.

I’ll publish this as soon as I get decent signal.

  1. Maggie Ellison
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    I love your postings. Brings me right back to what’s important where we all should be from time to time. Laughed out loud at the sentence “bit tired and neglected – perfect for us”. I love you my dotty little brother. Every family should have one. 😘

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