End of April Holibob!

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We’re off in Forrest again, this time down the western highlands – one of our favourite routes. Here is our journey so far – We spent our first night on Orkney Mainland just outside Finstown where there is a nice little layby ideal for an overnight stop prior to the ferry. 1 is the mainland start point from Scrabster. From here we travelled west to the Kyle of Tongue (point 2 on the map) where we took Oscar for a … Read More

Another little walk!

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Just taken Oscar for another little walk in Aldine Burn forest. He definitely likes the river. He is funny though, he love paddling along in the stream, drinking whilst he walks. But then when he comes out he just continues his walk without shaking leaving a trail of water behind him! I reckon we’ll definitely be coming here again. It will be beautiful later in the year when the bluebells come into flower.

First trip away for 2019

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Wee, we’re on holibob! We had to go over to Kirkwall on Wednesday as we both had annual retinal scans due at the Balfour. So, since we had to go to Kirkwall it seemed like a good time to go that bit further and have a cheeky little jaunt down South. We got the 16:45 Northlink ferry from Stromness to Scrabster, having dinner on the ferry, then headed for Dunnet forest as we have overnight there before. Oscar is very … Read More

Weekend on Mainland – with videos

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My last post was about a quick trip over to Orkney Mainland and, a little while back I posted about adding a cheap dash cam to Forrest. This post showcases the dashcam footage from that trip. First up, the journey from Linkshouse to Rapness ferry terminal on Westray – Short wait, and then we’re on to the ferry… 90 minute crossing from Rapness on Westray to Kirkwall on Orkney Mainland. Next video is the short trip from Kirkwall ferry terminal … Read More

Weekend over on Mainland (Orkney)

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We had a quick little jaunt over to Orkney Mainland this weekend, going out Friday morning and returning Saturday evening. The weather was kind to us and we wild camped at a Hoxa on South Ronaldsay. The header image is grabbed from Google Streetview I’m afraid as the sun was too low in the sky for me to take a decent photo with my phone. We stopped next to a waiting room with some toilets and it was a quiet … Read More

Diesel Heater for Forrest

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I posted a while back about repairing the Truma gas heater in Forrest. However, even after the repairs it was not 100% with occasional lighting problems. Although I have quite a bit of experience with very large gas ovens being a retired engineer I knew that given the number of problems that we’d had with the fire Marlene would never be really happy with it as she is, quite rightly, very nervous about gas problems. I decided that a completely … Read More

Dinner tonight is…

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While Marlene is “living it up” in hospital I can’t allow myself, or Oscar, to fade away (fat chance of that!). Tonight we had chicken and egg noodles in a sweet chilli sauce. There is perhaps rather more chicken here than I would do for one, but Oscar will get some. In fact he’s already had the “snotty” bits off the raw chicken Need to soften and onion. Then add the chicken to cook. Once they’re both cooked add straight … Read More

In my minds eye I’m a sniper!

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I’m over in Kirkwall, as Marlene is in Balfour hospital. Tonight I decided to camp at the Ayre Mills round about corner. Quite a nice spot with a view over the sea to wake up toy in the morning. It is on the edge town so there is bound to be some traffic noise, that’s okay. So, why the sniper! All evening, and still now – 00:45, there is a youth (I imagine it is a youth) cruising back and … Read More

Happy New Year 2019

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Here’s wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year. Here on Westray the weather remains typical for this time of year i.e. cold, wet and windy! So there’s nowt to do but look forward to future trips away in Forrest… I figured for out first venture away this year, whenever that is, we may just stick to Orkney Mainland. This is a screenshot from Roadtrip planner, an Apple App that I use to plot and scheme along with Google Earth … Read More

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