Culbin to Scrabster

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Nothing really exciting today beyond our early start with Oscar.

As we ended up getting up so early we decided to revisit our ferry bookings again, and go for the 19:00 Scrabster – Stromness and the tomorrow morning ferry to Westray. This allowed us to visit an Asian cash and carry and pick up some tubs of kebab meat as no-where in Orkney seems to stock it.

Having decided to give my big “cold box” (oh, I’ve just realised I haven’t posted about that yet)…

Quick digression – I lined all underneath Marlene’s bed for transporting cold shopping –

Back to my post…

With my super duper cold box we decided to go for bust and have a look at Farm Foods as well, and bought a load more bits and bobs that we just tend not to see anywhere in Orkney.

We’ll find out when we get home how good an idea this was 😅

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