Finally got away for a wee break!

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With the restrictions on the ferries finally lifted from this weekend and staying in self contained accommodation allowed we managed to get away on the 9th. Just a quick little jaunt to Orkney Mainland then back again yesterday.

Did a quick shop at Lidl and Tesco, then got two fish suppers which we ate looking over the bay the car park at Ayre Mills roundabout (header).

Once we were fed and watered we took a short ride out to the Broch of Gurness where we intend to spend the night.

The following morning we moved over to the Bay of Skail. We’ll probably spend most of the day here and maybe even the night.

Another empty car park and beach.

We stayed at the Bay of Skaill all day but it was a glorious day and this is a popular beach, around three o’clock it started to get quite busy. The cherry on the top was three cars filled with “bairns” (our disparaging term for kewl youths anywhere under mid twenties) and decided the need to show off there super duper sound system to the rest of us.

Marlene said “you know what’s great about a motorhome? You can just move on if you don’t like somewhere”

So that’s what we did. We drove over to Mull Head car park and parked up there x

There was a couple of empty cars there when we arrived, and we were surprised at the pretty steady flow of cars through the evening. Obviously a popular spot for parking up and taking dogs for a walk. But at least these were all “grown ups” just exercising their dogs. All quiet, just the occasional friendly wave.

We also took Oscar for a walk over to the Gloup –

After our walk we cooked and ate dinner then watched Vera in bed!

Happy days – and nights 🙂

Last night was spent in the carpark in Kirkwall opposite Lidl where there are some dedicated campervan/motorhome bays. We got kebabs and chips and had an evening watching TV.

We did a quick shop in the supermarkets before coming home on Sundays evening ferry.

It was nice to finally spend a few nights in the van and was useful trip in that it has given me a little list of minor jobs that I want to do on the van before we get away on a proper excursion.

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