First 2020 Trip Day 3

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Next update.

As planned we slept the night at Garve (Highland) later in the evening another van arrived. It was a hire motorhome, no inference there, just a fact. It was pretty well into the evening and we were already made up for the night so never spoke. To be honest we never saw them get out of their van either.

We’re early risers so when I walked Oscar at around 07:00 they were still all shut up. We left shortly after.

Here’s another quick pic of the falls at the Garve POI

I hadn’t intended to follow the NC500 but somehow this was where we ended up so I decided we’d do a run over to Applecross and down the Bealach na Ba.

I was surprised at how quiet the roads were given that this is the famous NC500 which is reportedly overrun with visitors. 

Then I realised why, pretty much every car park and lay-by was full up with campervans an motorhomes!

Most were okay, not my cup of tea more than two and we’re definitely looking elsewhere.

We did stop in a lay-by mid morning for a quick brew but I’m afraid I can’t remember just where, nor did I take any photos sorry. It wasn’t anywhere remarkable in its self other than being empty (I suppose that says it all!).

Then we pressed on to Applecross. There was a hot food van outside the hotel and we had Fish and Chips from there for our lunch and they were very good.

Once we’d eaten those we were off again as the place was very busy. That said, it has been busy every time we’ve been there so I don’t think it was anything to do with Covid19.

Here is a couple of panoramas photos from the top of the Bealach na Pass road –

We paused on the way down the Bealach na Ba for the obligatory viewpoint photo –

Then on to Ratagan Pass (Highland). This is another place we’ve stopped before and we intent to spend the night here.

Another day with not a spot of bother. Oh I tell a lie, on the way down the Bealach na Ba we met a small camper VW summat or other and had to reverse back up the hill to a passing place so they could get past. But at least that is just run of the mills stuff in campervan/motorhome world  :rolleyes: 

More tomorrow.

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