First Trip Out

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Our visit to the hospital in Aberdeen was cancelled due to Corona Virus concerns.

We toyed with using the ferry bookings to go on our first trip out to the Highlands of Scotland. We did think that might be a bit risky and reckless, so ended up just going for a one-nighter in Kirkwall as the van needed MOT-ing anyway.

We couldn’t get a morning ferry to Kirkwall for days so we settled for going out in the evening (Sunday), spending the night in Kirkwall –

The van was booked in for an MOT in the afternoon so we after a bit of shopping (more on that in a minute) we took a little ride out to the Broch of Birsay where I took Oscar for a walk along the coast. It turned out to be a rather longer walk than expected and by the time we got back to the van, we’d done just over four miles! Marlene was wondering what had happened to us.

We’d shopped at Kirkwall in the morning and just couldn’t believe our eyes. I’d fully expected there to be little or no handwash or sanitizer but it was like something out of an apocalypse movie –

After our visit to Birsay we called at Lidl and it was the same as Tesco. The world has gone mad and people are being so selfish!

On the plus side, the van sailed through its MOT!

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