Useful (hopefully) Info and links to other sites of interest –

Wild Camping Forum

This is an excellent forum which is primarily aimed at wild camping as the name suggests but there are also more general discussions on there too. Without a doubt though the most useful part of the forum is the wild camping poi database. The full database is only available to full members and the membership fees are £15 per year (that’s less than the typical cost of one night on a campsite). Full members can also download the database in various formats for use on their sat nav devices/apps. There is also a wild camping app for both Apple and Android devices available from the respective app stores.

Finally, there are a range of member discounts available for full members

Motorhome Forum

This is a sister site to the Wild Camping forum discussed above aimed more at motorhoming in general. There are discussions on various topics such as camping experiences, tips and trick, technical queries/advice and just general chat.

As with the Wild Camping forum, there are member discounts for full members (at the time of writing, full membership of one forum automatically gives you full membership of the other).

There is also a monthly raffle based on your activity within the forum to try an encourage people to take an active part.

Campervan Bible

This is a comparatively new site which I thought had great promise. To get any real benefit from the site one must join and the joining fees at the time of writing are on £4.99 so I thought it was worth a punt.

It looked very promising and they have a pretty comprehensive Google map with loads of POIs for wild camping, campsites, pub stopovers, toilets etc. However, I notice now (as I write this) that the last update was 2nd of October so nearly two months. Now it is winter so perhaps things have just slowed down a bit, I hope so as I think the site shows great promise, time will tell.

Archies Campsites

I guess we all must have heard of Archies! But just in case there is anyone out there that hasn’t, it is a very extensive campsite listing/review site covering all of Europe. You can download POI data for your device and there is an app (certainly on the Apple App store, I imagine there is one for Android too).

Hymer Owners Group (Facebook)

A Facebook group for Hymer owners. It is a closed group, but easy enough to join and useful for anyone with a Hymer.

Classic Hymers (Facebook)

Another Facebook group aimed at Classic Hymers. Again a closed group but easy to join. They have a large library of useful files.

Old Hymer

For Hymers pre-1996, a site with various brochures and manuals to download relating older Hymers. They also have a Facebook page