Managed a little trip to Orkney Mainland

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Our son had to break his big toe to get it though!

Our son broke his big toe at work on Sunday he didn’t realise at the time but by yesterday morning it was black and very swollen so he visited the doctor. We were very surprised when the doctor insisted on a visit to Balfour hospital (on Orkney mainland) for an x-ray.

My son asked how he should get there as there is no public transport and he doesn’t have a car to drive. The doctor asked if he had family that could take him and after discussing the why’s and wherefores he said he would give him a letter explaining the circumstances.

Because of how the ferry times fall and when the hospital could “fit him in” (they must be doing a lot of x-raying) we had to go out on the afternoon ferry yesterday and return on the morning ferry this morning.

“Wild camped” at the ferry terminal, take away Chinese for supper.

Happy days! Maybe a bit less so for our son with a sore toe!

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