Latest Addition to BFG

After my workshop changes which you can read about on my Trivial Wood website if you like, I knocked out this quick plaques for BFG! I burned the plaques yesterday and left the finish to dry overnight. I hung the sign first this this morning and while I was there had a quick look at the solar panel status – I was well pleased with this level of output at only quarter to nine in the morning, plus, it was … Read More

Managed a little trip to Orkney Mainland

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Our son had to break his big toe to get it though! Our son broke his big toe at work on Sunday he didn’t realise at the time but by yesterday morning it was black and very swollen so he visited the doctor. We were very surprised when the doctor insisted on a visit to Balfour hospital (on Orkney mainland) for an x-ray. My son asked how he should get there as there is no public transport and he doesn’t … Read More

Premonition and Timing!

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We were just chatting about the van completion and how unfortunate the timing is, completing the van and then not being able to go anywhere in it. It’s worse than just that, I’m a proper master of timing I am! The MOT expired on the van in February while I was converting it. At the beginning of March it went for its MOT, which it passed with no problems. Today the government suspends MOTs for six months! During February our … Read More

Travels in Forrest/BFG

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Although, as per my last post, BFG (Big Friendly Giant) isn’t going to be going anywhere for the foreseeable future when we do get away it will, of course, be in the new van so this site will effectively become Travels in BFG! The web address will remain for continuity.

Travels in BFG, or NOT!!!

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BFG (Big Friendly Giant) as the new van conversion is called, is pretty much finished now, just in time to go – NOWHERE! In the current situation, any travel away in our newly converted campervan would be just plain irresponsible even if it hasn’t quite been completely banned yet. So here he is on the drive. We don’t expect to be going anywhere in the van for the foreseeable future. I know one or two people on a Wild Camping … Read More

Solar Panel Fitted Now

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It’s a bonny day here in Westray today so it was time to crack on and get the solar panel fitted. This is the last “big” job of the conversion. I’m well pleased, it is a sunny day but at this time of the year the sun is still low in the sky this far north but the panel is delivering well. The battery bank was already fully charged so the solar controller immediately when into absorption mode (battery maintenance … Read More

First Trip Out

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Our visit to the hospital in Aberdeen was cancelled due to Corona Virus concerns. We toyed with using the ferry bookings to go on our first trip out to the Highlands of Scotland. We did think that might be a bit risky and reckless, so ended up just going for a one-nighter in Kirkwall as the van needed MOT-ing anyway. We couldn’t get a morning ferry to Kirkwall for days so we settled for going out in the evening (Sunday), … Read More

Nearly finished now!

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Nearly everything is done now. Certainly, he is ready for a trip away when we’re ready. Unfortunately, circumstances mean we can’t get away before the end of the month. We still have the side decals to fit and the solar panel, but both of these can be done at any time. Removing the solar panel from Forrest was a bit of fun. When I fitted the panel I used both screws and Sikaflex adhesive as I wanted to be sure … Read More

Cracking On Now!

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Another good day today. Working with Gareth we managed to get the diesel heater fitted. When we tested the heater I was well pleased with how quickly and well it heated the van. Clearly all the insulation we fitted was worthwhile. We also managed to get the gas locker with its drop-out fitted (Gareth can get under the van easier than me to check that everything is clear). The last job of the day was to fit the decal to … Read More

Wiring, rain stopped play!

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I made a start on the wiring yesterday. I got all the “panel” components mounted and the battery bank wired up, then it started to rain! Oh well, here’s the layout anyway (above). UPDATE: I’ve got all the heavy duty wiring, battery bank, charging, inverter supply etc, done now.

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