August 2020 Trip Summary

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We’re back home now after our little jaunt around the Highlands of Scotland. It was a thoroughly pleasant break. There had been quite a few reports in the press about hostility towards visitors so we were a bit wary but in the event there were no problems at all. Everyone we saw was very friendly and welcoming. I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that the press like to centre on anything negative and blow it out of proportion! The only … Read More

August 2020 Trip Update

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Days 4 and 5… Well, how different the morning at the Ratagan park up was to yesterday evening – In truth it made a pleasant change from the blistering weather we have been having. I’m not expecting much solar harvesting today. We had breakfast and then spent a little time planning the rest of our trip. There are a few bits and bobs that I want to get in Inverness, and the toilet cassette is about due for emptying so … Read More

First 2020 Trip Day 3

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Next update. As planned we slept the night at Garve (Highland) later in the evening another van arrived. It was a hire motorhome, no inference there, just a fact. It was pretty well into the evening and we were already made up for the night so never spoke. To be honest we never saw them get out of their van either. We’re early risers so when I walked Oscar at around 07:00 they were still all shut up. We left … Read More

First Trip South for 2020

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We’ve finally managed to get down South and into Scottish Highlands. First proper trip away this year and ever in this van (if you don’t count our little jaunt over to Orkney Mainland last month to give the van a shake down). Reading some of the comments on the online about visiting Scotland and seeing some of the press reports about the Highlands we had some reservations but this is where we alway go and love so off we went…. … Read More

Finally got away for a wee break!

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With the restrictions on the ferries finally lifted from this weekend and staying in self contained accommodation allowed we managed to get away on the 9th. Just a quick little jaunt to Orkney Mainland then back again yesterday. Did a quick shop at Lidl and Tesco, then got two fish suppers which we ate looking over the bay the car park at Ayre Mills roundabout (header). Once we were fed and watered we took a short ride out to the … Read More

Latest Addition to BFG

After my workshop changes which you can read about on my Trivial Wood website if you like, I knocked out this quick plaques for BFG! I burned the plaques yesterday and left the finish to dry overnight. I hung the sign first this this morning and while I was there had a quick look at the solar panel status – I was well pleased with this level of output at only quarter to nine in the morning, plus, it was … Read More

Managed a little trip to Orkney Mainland

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Our son had to break his big toe to get it though! Our son broke his big toe at work on Sunday he didn’t realise at the time but by yesterday morning it was black and very swollen so he visited the doctor. We were very surprised when the doctor insisted on a visit to Balfour hospital (on Orkney mainland) for an x-ray. My son asked how he should get there as there is no public transport and he doesn’t … Read More

Premonition and Timing!

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We were just chatting about the van completion and how unfortunate the timing is, completing the van and then not being able to go anywhere in it. It’s worse than just that, I’m a proper master of timing I am! The MOT expired on the van in February while I was converting it. At the beginning of March it went for its MOT, which it passed with no problems. Today the government suspends MOTs for six months! During February our … Read More

Travels in Forrest/BFG

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Although, as per my last post, BFG (Big Friendly Giant) isn’t going to be going anywhere for the foreseeable future when we do get away it will, of course, be in the new van so this site will effectively become Travels in BFG! The web address will remain for continuity.

Travels in BFG, or NOT!!!

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BFG (Big Friendly Giant) as the new van conversion is called, is pretty much finished now, just in time to go – NOWHERE! In the current situation, any travel away in our newly converted campervan would be just plain irresponsible even if it hasn’t quite been completely banned yet. So here he is on the drive. We don’t expect to be going anywhere in the van for the foreseeable future. I know one or two people on a Wild Camping … Read More

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