Solar Panel Fitted Now

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It’s a bonny day here in Westray today so it was time to crack on and get the solar panel fitted. This is the last “big” job of the conversion. I’m well pleased, it is a sunny day but at this time of the year the sun is still low in the sky this far north but the panel is delivering well. The battery bank was already fully charged so the solar controller immediately when into absorption mode (battery maintenance … Read More

First Trip Out

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Our visit to the hospital in Aberdeen was cancelled due to Corona Virus concerns. We toyed with using the ferry bookings to go on our first trip out to the Highlands of Scotland. We did think that might be a bit risky and reckless, so ended up just going for a one-nighter in Kirkwall as the van needed MOT-ing anyway. We couldn’t get a morning ferry to Kirkwall for days so we settled for going out in the evening (Sunday), … Read More

Nearly finished now!

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Nearly everything is done now. Certainly, he is ready for a trip away when we’re ready. Unfortunately, circumstances mean we can’t get away before the end of the month. We still have the side decals to fit and the solar panel, but both of these can be done at any time. Removing the solar panel from Forrest was a bit of fun. When I fitted the panel I used both screws and Sikaflex adhesive as I wanted to be sure … Read More

Cracking On Now!

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Another good day today. Working with Gareth we managed to get the diesel heater fitted. When we tested the heater I was well pleased with how quickly and well it heated the van. Clearly all the insulation we fitted was worthwhile. We also managed to get the gas locker with its drop-out fitted (Gareth can get under the van easier than me to check that everything is clear). The last job of the day was to fit the decal to … Read More

Wiring, rain stopped play!

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I made a start on the wiring yesterday. I got all the “panel” components mounted and the battery bank wired up, then it started to rain! Oh well, here’s the layout anyway (above). UPDATE: I’ve got all the heavy duty wiring, battery bank, charging, inverter supply etc, done now.

Making Good Headway Now…

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I’m afraid I’ve not been keeping up with posts of my work on BFG. I’ve managed to get quite a bit done since my last post. In the post header you can see the roof vent/fan installed now. This is a trendy bendy MaxxFan with remote control and automatic temperature control, plus a rain sensor – woohoo! I’ve constructed and added the drawers/table between the setees/beds – The top two are drawers and at the bottom is a cupboard (they … Read More

Progress with Habitation Units

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It hasn’t really been convenient to work on the inside of the van whilst Gareth has been working on the bodywork repairs which are looking grand now – There is still al little bit more tarting up to do but Gareth is back on shift at work now so, although the weather remains pretty awful, I have taken the opportunity to progress the habitation area of the van The first job was to construct the seats/beds – The next bit … Read More

Bodywork Repairs

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One of the reasons that we got the van at a good price was due to a pretty serious ding on the nearside just behind the side loading door (see header and below). Gareth (our son) used to work in a body shop and is doing a grand job of repairing it for us – There’s a bit more to do but it is coming along very nicely.

Lining Pretty Much Completed

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Once all the insulation was added and the vapour barrier tape applied it was time to construct the rear wall – This is set approximately 200mm forward of the rear doors and will provide a modest amount of “boot” storage. Crucially (for us) it will give is room to carry our good quality picnic chairs/loungers that we never had room for in Forrest. The bottom of the wall, shown open here, steps forward slightly to provide deeper boot space to … Read More

Wall Insulation

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Slow progress but getting along with the van, bit by bit. I’ve been fitting wall battens to the offside of the van ready to install the insulation and wall board. Because of the shape of the van panels and the framework, there is quite a deep cavity between the panels and what will be the internal wall so first is a layer of loose fibre-based insulation – Just one little piece here, more to install! After all the cavities were … Read More

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