RIP Forrest! and New Plans

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Well, after a promising start with a passed MOT after the engine repair things have gone rather downhill! After the repairs, although the knocking was gone the engine was overheating after even a fairly short run. There were problems with the electric radiator fans not cutting in so we temporarily bridged out the thermostat on them and that did seem to alleviate the problem a bit but things were still not right. I also noticed that it was losing water … Read More

1st Outing since Repairs – MOT

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The MOT on Forrest expired during the engine repairs so this needed attending to before anything else once he was back on the road again. At this time of the year, the ferries between Westray and Mainland need booking pretty well in advance and the date we booked Forrest in for his MOT we were normal booking out from Westray to Kirkwall but would have been 4th standby for the return journey to Westray. In a motorhome, there would be … Read More

He’s Fixed!

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At last, I think Forrest is fixed. After the disappointment of the valve springs we really were out of options, doing things by the book. I did, however, a cunning plan that took me off-spec, a thicker head gasket. I ordered a bespoke head gasket from Dobsons Gaskets in Keighley. The new gasket is 0.5mm thicker than specified in the manual. Fitted the gasket last night and fired up the engine. and while it was initially quite alarmingly noisy it … Read More

I’m in Despair!

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This has turned out to be a rather long post but if anyone reading this happens to be an experienced diesel engineer, I’d love you to take the time to read it through and offer your thoughts. To start with, I’ve only noticed now that I haven’t posted any progress reports since my last “Repairs, Slow and Steady” post. Well, that didn’t work out so well after all! The engine ran but sounded like a bag of bolts – So … Read More

Repairs, Slow and Steady!

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It’s been a wee while since I did any significant work on Forrest’s engine repairs. We’ve had family visiting and it’s been fun tracking down replacement parts, and, the weather here hasn’t been great with at least some rain on most days. Of course, all these are just excuses and now the family have left, all the parts are on hand and we’ve finally had some more or less dry days so I’m all out of excuses! We managed to … Read More

Major Surgery for Forrest!

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Further to my last post, the garage that I had Forrest with couldn’t find a replacement engine and time was slipping by so we thought it was probably best to get him home. With the help of our son we towed Forrest across Orkney Mainland and onto the Westray ferry, then home. It’s old adage but if you want something doing, do it yourself! I’ve stripped the cylinder head off which is damaged, as expected I have a replacement on … Read More

Some Good News and some Very Bad News!

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Good New First… We finally managed to get away for our first trip since installing the solar panel giving us an opportunity to properly test the inverter/solar panel setup in real life use. I’m very happy with the results. It was very dull for the first two days away, with a fair bit of rain thrown in for good measure! Even so, we used the microwave to heat a home made lasagne on the first night. As it happens that … Read More

Solar Panel Follow Up

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Further to my post last week about installing a solar panel I thought I would do a quick follow up on how it’s performing. It’s a pretty dreich day to day as you can see in the photo below – but the solar panel is generating, not a lot but at least some – To be fair the (if I understand correctly) the voltage suggests that there is perhaps more power to be had and the low output of 7W … Read More

Forrest gets a 200W Solar Panel

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I did a post last month about installing an inverter into Forrest to allow us to use the electric toaster and microwave without being on mains hook up. As I said then, the inverter works a treat but it really does cane the leisure batteries, and relying on the vehicle alternator to recharge them would require a good few miles of driving to get them back to fully charged. The solution of course is solar panels! I went for a … Read More

End of April Holibib – Back Home Now

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We’re back home now. Those that know us well will not be surprised to hear that we came home earlier than planned! We kept finding more and more ticks on Oscar so wanted to deal with those properly plus Forrest started making a mildly worrying engine noise. I don’t imagine it is anything too serious as, apart from the noise, he’s running like a good’un and fairly whizzed up and down the hills en-route home. The map at the top … Read More

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