Clash Wood near Muir of Ord

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Called here to kill a bit of time, take Oscar for a walk in the woods and check the location for possible future wild camping. There’s a nice little car park and a picnic bench. The walking tracks in the woods are nice and level for Marlene so, I reckon we’ll be back here for an overnighter at some point in the future.

We’re Fizzing!

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My what a day! We’re both ‘fizzing’! Short story – long… We fancied another trip away and as we’re both ready for a regular eye test and new glasses we thought we could do a great plan by getting our eyes tested at the Tesco opticians (frames start at £39 you know!), then pootle off South a bit and call to pick them up a few days later. Before leaving we rang the opticians (Vision Express) to see how far … Read More

Hmmph, Opticians!

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Hmm! Opticians appointment for this afternoon cancelled as the optician has rung in sick! New appointment made for tomorrow so we’ll be staying at Nairn for an extra night. No real hardship as it’s a lovely site. Decided to have a barbi this afternoon as it is nice and bright but not too hot.

Nairn CCC Campsite

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I’m thinking the Nairn CCC site will definitely be our site of choice when we’re down in Inverness in the future. The wardens are really nice and very helpful but of course, it’s all about the site/location. And for us too, it is about how well that works for Oscar (our dog). The site is nice and quiet (to be completely honest, there is traffic noise in the distance but not overly so). The real seller for us though is … Read More

Trip to Inverness

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We’re off down to Inverness, routine eye test and new glasses from Tesco (Vision Express). Then tour the area whilst they’re made. Here we are parked in Kirkwall. There are some spaces set aside for motorhomes in the car park opposite Tesco which is quite handy.  

Reversing Camera for Forrest

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I’ve been doing a bit of work on Forrest, with the help of our son. We’ve installed a reversing camera. This should save Marlene having to get out and watch the back of the van when we reverse park. It is a wireless jobby so no need to run a video cable from the camera to the screen.  

Visit to Hoy

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We’ve always fancied looking at Hoy, so why not? Sea Eagles have chicked on Hoy this years so we thought it would be nice to see them. We did see the eagles but didn’t get any photos unfortunately. The RSPB have set up camp in a car park opposite the nest with a couple of spotting scopes set up so that people can look at the nest. Hoy is full of derelict war time buldings. It was a shame that … Read More

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