Premonition and Timing!

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We were just chatting about the van completion and how unfortunate the timing is, completing the van and then not being able to go anywhere in it.

It’s worse than just that, I’m a proper master of timing I am!

The MOT expired on the van in February while I was converting it.

At the beginning of March it went for its MOT, which it passed with no problems. Today the government suspends MOTs for six months!

During February our membership of the Camping and Caravan Club and the Caravan and Motorhome Club both expired and were duly renewed. Both clubs have now closed all their sites (even if we could get to them) until the end of June!

Also during February, the roadside recovery expired so I renewed that and changed the details to reflect the change of van. We’re not going anywhere so aren’t very likely to be wanting roadside recovery are we?

When we bought the van in January it needed taxing and insuring of course. I’m thinking now that perhaps I should SORN the van and cancel the insurance.

Like I said, master of timing me.

I’ll just close by sharing the pinnacle of my premonition/timing skills…

In November 2000 I decided that I had had enough of senior management and decided to leave my job. In the middle of the following year McVities announced the closure of the bakery! I had to smile at the number of people from the bakery that commented how lucky I was to get out when I did!

Oh yes, absolutely, I wouldn’t have wanted all the stigma attached to redundancy after 20 years of service. No, and the redundancy payment, definitely not, no none of that!

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