September Trip continued: Castletown to Baile An Or

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After disembarking the ferry at Stromness we headed East to Castletown and spent the night at the old Castletown flagstone quarry/works. There’s a nice big car park there and some nice walks round the remains of the workings.

We had a lazy breakfast here, then a last walk for Oscar before heading off.

We turned back on ourselves, through Thurso, past Dounray and on to Melvich where we took the road South towards Helmsdale.

My plan was to stop at Baile An Or, but there were a couple of other spots that I wanted to explore en-route.

As it turned out the only one worth adding to our gazetteer was a spot off the main road next to an old cemetery. Yes, I know, not everyone’s cup of tea but it doesn’t bother us.

We had a good old nosey round the cemetery looking at the old gravestones. The oldest I found was 1842. I suspect some of them were older, but were unreadable.

After our inspection of the cemetery we took Oscar for a walk along the adjacent river bank, the went back to the van for some lunch before carrying on South.

It was a nice run on a very quiet single track road with lots of passing places.

Here we are pitched up at Baile An Or.

As you can see there are a few people already here. They are panning for gold. It’s a funny set up. They are only allowed to spend a maximum of four weeks per year panning, and can only pan a maximum of four times per year, so pretty much have camp here for a while each visit to make it worthwhile.

Jen’s empinades and fried potatoes for dinner tonight, then probably Enola Holmes on Netflix.

I think that’s me for today…

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  1. Maggie
    | Reply

    Thought your Enola Holmes was a predictive text error for Eamonn Holmes. Why on earth should my intelligent brother watch him? Had to check and sure enough, Enola is Sherlocks sister. Must be good as one of the articles headlines is “the ending of Enola Holmes explained”. So it’s not for numpties, just the educated who need no explanation. Is it worth watching? Just subscribed to Netflix for children’s programmes but should really use it myself as the usual TV is dire.

    • Phill
      | Reply

      It was okay, filled an evening. It certainly wasn’t brain taxing. Faint praise I know but then I cant remember the last time I watched film that really impressed me, maybe Hacksaw Ridge (completely different I know).

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