September, we’re off again!

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Because of lockdown we weren’t able to get Oscar to the vets at the proper time for his booster jab. These have to be done within a certain time of their renewal date so we have had to come away again now so that we can get Oscars booster jab done.

How’s that for a good excuse? As if we need one….

We had originally booked the ferry for Monday evening the 21st (vet appointment for Tuesday morning) then on to the Tuesday evening ferry from Stromness to Scrabster. However by Saturday the weather was looking to get a bit windy for Monday so we managed to get on the Saturday evening ferry from Westray to Kirkwall instead.

We spent the night in our regulars spot in the car park next to the Peedie sea. Fish and Chip supper then listen to an audio book before bedtime. It was very misty –

On Sunday we took a drive over to Dounby to visit Rosie and Sergio, had coffee and an extended blether.

Then we moved on to Skaill beach, we stayed there a few hours and took Oscar for a couple fo walks as it was a fairly fine day. I suppose it was because it was fine, and Sunday, that the car park started filling up with people coming to enjoy the beach and walk their dogs, so we left. Don’t like people!!!!

We went on to a little car park near the beach at Evie. Nice quiet spot with the added bonus of a toilet block so we spent the night there.

Here is a view out of the van window (I forgot to take a photo whilst out) –

We went back into town the following day and did a bit of shopping. Then took Oscar for a wee walk round the Peedie sea.

We don’t normally stay more than one night at any place but the spot at Evie was nice and as Oscars apointment at the vets was not till the following day we decided we’d head back over to Evie and spend the night there again.

The following morning this little van parked up next to us –

A chap got out in his dressing gown, odd I thought! Then he strolled down the beach and went for a swim. Very brave to go for a swim in our sea’s as they’re blumming freezing, plus, it was drizzling! Each to their own.

Took Oscar to the vets for his jab, then parked up in car park just outside Finstown and took Oscar for a walk. Stayed the afternoon there listening to some more audio book before heading off to the evening Northlink ferry over to Scrabster.

  1. Maggie
    | Reply

    You do lead an exciting life Phillip. Lol. The highlight of it all was the oddball having a swim in the sea. 🌊🏊As you say, each to his own.
    Maggie x

    Oh, and this morning the 🐦 that usually eats the nuts from the feeder, ate the seed this time. Highlight of my day. 🥳

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