Travels in BFG, or NOT!!!

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BFG (Big Friendly Giant) as the new van conversion is called, is pretty much finished now, just in time to go – NOWHERE!

In the current situation, any travel away in our newly converted campervan would be just plain irresponsible even if it hasn’t quite been completely banned yet. So here he is on the drive. We don’t expect to be going anywhere in the van for the foreseeable future.

I know one or two people on a Wild Camping forum I read are “camping” on their own drives and pretending that they’re away. I’m really pleased with the conversion we have done and I am champing at the bit to want to get away in it, but camping on the drive, no, we’re not that desperate!

In truth, we’re very lucky living where we do, we are out of the village on a small island and ideally positioned to pretty much completely self isolate so that is what we’re doing. We’ve asked our daughter and son to stay away and we can get supplies delivered by the shop if we need to.

With Marlene’s health the way it is we can’t afford not to.

So, the top photo is our current wild camping spot.

And, here is the reality…

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